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    Luminous Keyboard is the personalization app you need on your phone or tablet today! We created the amazing Luminous Keyboard because it allows you to personalize the most used app on your phone: the keyboard.

    Why should you try a light up keyboard like the Luminous Keyboard?
    the keyboard app changes the look and shape of your keypad with one of the most amazing luminous keyboard themes available free!
    install our new lit up keyboard which makes keyboard buttons bigger and allows you to write faster since you see the buttons better!
    the creators of Luminous Keyboard are experts at keypad designing meaning you get a fast app that is completely safe!
    key shapes will change according to the theme

    Luminous Keyboard is our new keyboard theme designed to light up keyboards. You can use this glow up keyboard on you Android phone or tablet or change the theme, depending on the keypad design you prefer!

    Install the luminous keyboard theme on your phone and start personalizing your phone keypad immediately! Bring your keyboard to life with our led light up keyboard which brings a new color inspired by glow in the dark keyboard themes! For messaging and texting you need a new keypad app that allows you to write faster and this glow in the dark keyboard makes it possible! Luminous Keyboard is more than a keyboard designer app because it is also an incredible app with lots of features!

    You can try the illuminated keyboard and see why we recommend this color theme for keypad or you can look at the screenshots we have provided to see this bright colors keyboard theme! Start the keypad apps download today and start using the keyboard latest version.

    The Luminous Keyboard is a new keypad version that will change the keyboard background as well as the shape of the keys! we specialize in designs for keyboard and this is one of the Cool keyboard apps we have released so far!
    The keypad free download is safe. Start the installation process for Luminous Keyboard today and start using this keboard light blue theme immediately! this amazing HD theme now and enjoy a new way of typing!

    How to install and use
    Notice: The Luminous Keyboard is compatible with GO Keyboard - Emoji, Wallpaper and New 2018 Keyboard
    Download Luminous Keyboard and start configuring this Cool keyboard background
    Open the keyboard app tap "Set as Active Theme"
    Enjoy your cool new free keyboard theme!

    Changing the appearance of your keyboard is very easy with Luminous Keyboard, try this themed keyboard for free now!
    Install our free keyboard theme right away! Personalizing your device has never been faster or easier!

    Remember you can get free HD themes on our developer page! Are you looking for a special cool keyboard theme? Write us a line at:! We’ll be more than happy to make you dream a reality!

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