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    Marc Chagall (born Moishe Shagal, or in Russian transcription Movsha Khatskelevich Shagal) was born on June 24 (July 6) in 1887 to a Jewish family in the outskirts of Vitebsk. A significant part of his childhood Marc Chagall spent in the house of his grandfather in the village Liozno 40 km from Vitebsk. Portrait of a young Chagall brush his teacher Pan (1914). From 1900 to 1905 he studied at the Vitebsk Chagall four-year college. In 1906, he studied fine art at the Art School of Vitebsk artist M. Pan, then moved to St. Petersburg. From his first teacher Yudel Pan Chagall took picture of national artists, national temperament found expression in his features shaped structure. Chagall's art techniques are based on the visualization of Yiddish proverbs and embodiment of images of Jewish folklore. Chagall introduces elements of the Jewish interpretation even in the image of the Christian subjects ("Holy Family," 1910, Marc Chagall Museum, "Devotion to Christ" / "Calvary" /, 1912, Museum of Modern Art, New York) - a principle to which he remained faithful to the end life. In addition to art, Chagall lifelong published poems, journalistic essays and memoirs in Yiddish. Some of them were translated into Hebrew, Belarusian, Russian, English and French.

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