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    Mars Sticker Theme puts an animated Martian landscape on top of whatever you're doing. The effect will certainly
    bring out the Curiosity in any casual observer.

    Not a Wallpaper but a LIVE STICKER - which can, optionally, go on top of all your apps. It even works on top of another Live Wallpaper!

    Mars Theme also has a Transparency Adjustment feature for fast and convenient adjustment of how much your Mars Theme can cover your screen, and full animation controls, including Speed and Zoom.

    STICKERS are a new concept - be the first to show your friends!

    If you have a Sticker Design, Logo, or Custom Graphic that you would like to be converted to an App, please contact me at:

    Other Themes are available from Transcendental Technologies.

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    *Change the look of your phone or tablet instantly
    *Works across all your Apps or just selected Apps
    *Access from all Apps thru the Notification Bar or Task Manager
    *Configurator has a Tiny Screen Footprint
    *Auto Start at Phone Boot
    *Fast, Instant Response to Transparency changes
    *Works properly in Small, Medium, and Large resolution displays (small to large phones and tablets)
    *Full Help provided
    *Battery-Saving Hints (in Help)
    *Troubleshooting Hints (in Help)

    Keywords: Mars Martian Landscape Curiosity Live Sticker Animated

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