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    Maybach - the German automotive brand in the concern DaimlerChrysler. Produces luxury Executive exclusive cars.Brand history began in 1921 when a talented designer Wilhelm Maybach (Wilhelm Maybach) designed his first car model W-3. This model was equipped with a 6-cylinder engine обьемом 5,7 HP and became the first German production car had the brakes on all wheels. The following model W-5, published in 1926, included a обьемом 7,0 HP, which allowed her to reach the speed of 121 km/H. In the spring of 1929, barely celebrated Easter in Канштатте, Wilhelm Maybach, suddenly fell ill and died two days. A company headed by his son, Karl Maybach.Carl decided to replace the 6-cylinder engine V12 engine displacement 6922 cm3. The first time it was established on the model of DS-7".

    A year later, in the mid 1930, was presented to her heir, received the prestigious title of "Zeppelin" (Zeppelin). This was the most luxurious and at that time a technically perfect German car 30s of the last century. In those years the elements of the car's design created taking into account the individual needs of the customer, so that the same car was not. The model was equipped with a V12 engine обьемом 8,0 HP (200 PS) and a 5-speed gearbox, which in 1938 replaced the 7-speed. She went on sale in 1931 with the cost 29500 REICHSMARK. Volume of issue: 183 hire.W6 produced from 1931 to 1933 with six-cylinder engine from 5 W. From 1934 he also came with a twin overdrive transmission (W 6 DSG). Both options have a longer wheelbase compared to 5 W. Issue volume: 90 cars.

    Inexpensive model DSH ("Doppel-Sechs-Halbe" - "half of the twelve cylinder") produced from 1930 to 1937. It was equipped with a 5.2-liter six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 130 PS Volume of issue: 34 cars. Some versions of the models of this type were supplied with new aerodynamic bodies, which are later used for the series "SW", produced in the period 1935-1941's. It included the model of the "SW-35", "SW-38" and "SW-42" with engines and engine displacement of 3.5, 3.8 and 4.2-litre respectively. These were the last constructed in the Maybach. Between 1921 and 1941 years the company Maybach-Motorenbau has released about 1800 luxury cars. Additionally to the manufactured machines, which were made in a factory statistics, annually were built from 5 up to 10 cars for exhibitions. All the machines were very expensive, and among them were two completely identical copies. Today in the world there is still 152 pre-war Maybach.During the war the company Maybach produced exclusively tank engines (about 140 thousand pieces). After the war, Karl Maybach worked in captivity by the French, developing aircraft engines. In the 50s again led his company produces various stationary, marine and railway engines.In 1961, the law on the Maybach bought the company, Daimler Benz, which in the late 90s decided to revive the forgotten mark. Thus, after 60 years of nothingness legendary brand is experiencing a rebirth.In 1997, Mercedes-Benz showed car Maybach, the main ideas which are embodied in serial models of 2002.

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