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    Messenger Counter for Zooper

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    9/12 Update: Facebook Messenger Counts must be enabled in accessibility in order to work on some devices. Please enable accessibility in settings, accessibility, May not work with 4.0. Please contact me if you have issues. If we are not able to resolve the issue I will gladly issue you a refund.

    This is not a standalone app. You must have Zooper Widgets to use this app. This application will show your unread Messenger counts in your Zooper widget. When you open your Messenger app, the notification will clear in your widget.

    You can add this to your existing widget. If you already have a widget that you would like to use this counter in, just add a "text" module to your widget and choose "Edit Manually" and add #TMESSENGERCOUNTT# to your widget and position it where you want it.

    The Zooper widget in my screenshot is a 1 x 1, transparent widget with my stock Messenger icon over it. The widget is not included, it is only an example. You will need to create your own Zooper widget.

    To make what you see in the screenshot do the following:

    Create a 1 x 1 Zooper widget.

    Make it transparent. (you may want to start out with a color until you have your screen setup and the widget placed where you want it otherwise you may lost it if you have no Messenger counts)

    Choose "Empty"

    Choose "Layout"

    Click the + sign in the upper left

    Choose "Text" (don't worry about the time that appear here)

    Choose "Edit Text Manually"

    Insert #TMESSENGERCOUNT# above the rectangle as shown in the screenshot.

    Click the check mark in the upper right to save.

    I positioned my counter X offset 25, Y offset 10 to get the count positioned correctly but you can play with that (you have to have an unread Messenger to see the count).

    Once your widget is in place, position your Messenger icon over it.

    You must use a launcher that allows widgets to overlap. I am using Nova Launcher Pro.

    In Nova Launcher go into settings, place a check mark by the following:

    Resize all Widgets
    Widget Overlap
    Overlap when Placing

    **************************Once installed, you must click the Messenger Counter app to start the service**************************

    Please contact me for assistance if you run into any problems.

    Google+, Hangouts and Facebook notifications are also available.

    For a limited time, buy one notification and get one free. Just email me after you purchase your notification and let me know which one you want.