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    Please Read Instructions before installing. Watch the Video Tutorial and read the FAQ below for further help. Email me (see the mail developer option at the bottom) if you get any problems, I'll try to respond you within 24 hours

    * LIMITED TIME OFFER: 24 HOURS REFUND POLICY - As I have learned People may get into trouble while using UCCW app for the first time and 15 minutes is too short to try it; Hence I have increased the Refund policy to 24 hours. So if you get any trouble while using this theme, you can simply email me. If somehow I am not able to solve your problem or can't reply you within 24 hours then full money will be refunded.*

    METRO TILES/GRID-N UCCW THEME , Personalise your home screen in mulitiways & make your user interface easy accessible.Thus saves time & also gives stunning looks to your android device.

    This theme
    UCCW App--(
    Nova Launcher Recommended ( 6x4 Desktop grid )


    1. Install UCCW from Play Store. [THIS IS IMPORTANT: You need to install this app before downloading this theme or otherwise it won't work. If you have already installed the theme then just re-install it again after downloading the app]

    2. Download this theme and and open it. Now tap on Install Skin button.

    3. Use the 6x4 Desktop Grid and hide the dock under launcher settings (This theme can work without these settings but the layout may be different)

    4. After you're done with installation, double tap on the Homescreen and select UCCW Widget and select the required widget as indicated by their name.

    5. Add the main page widget to home screen and resize it.

    6. Repeat the above step till you get Homescreen as shown in picture.

    7. (Optional) Select the Cube Scroll effect under launcher settings for 3D effect. For Nova Launcher - Nova Settings>Desktop>Scroll Effect

    NOTE: You have To resize the main widget to your homescreen size.

    Instructions for adding your own app shortcuts in widgets
    1. Open UCCW app and select Hotspot (Lock Widget) from the menu option.
    2. Turn "OFF" the Hotspots.
    3. Go to desktop and tap the button on widget you want to edit.
    4. Select the app you want from the appropriate Hotspots.
    5. After you have done editing, make sure you turn "ON" the Hotspot again to apply the changes.

    If the weather is not showing your correct location on widget then you can change the weather location by going into UCCW settings.

    Q - There are still some gaps between widgets, what to do?
    A - Make sure your desktop grid is 6x4 and the Width and Height margin is set to none in launcher settings.
    Q - Why can't I open apps by clicking on widgets?
    A - Make sure the hotspot is on in UCCW. To change the settings, open UCCW app, touch the menu key and make sure you select the hotspot (lock widgets) to 'ON' mode.
    Q - After locking widgets still some hotspots are not working?
    A - Some hotspots like phone,gallery,contacts...etc are not working this is because of the difference in android version [generally in gingerbread].You can assign your own app on these hotspot.For complete guide in assigning
    manual hotspot watch video tutorial.

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    *Still got some issues? Don't hesitate to mail me.