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    Basic pattern 15 patterns × 3. Moe is a game sheet with 2 CG61 ×, the number of 664 copies total image.

    Miu girl is now dedicated to the maid you.
    She is with you anytime and anywhere.
    Please go to touch her getting along.
    There is a good thing and a lot of new density is raised.

    Touch her << >>
    Heart is up, Stamina goes down.
    She will be cranky and less Stamina.
    And goes to zero Stamina, you will not respond to touch.
    Stamina will continue to recover and over time.
    ST recovery will be a little When you click the banana that appears occasionally.

    More than 100 << >> Heart
    Image more and more CG, can see will be added.

    Gift << >>
    You can only once a day, give a gift to her.
    Heart is greatly increased when present, Stamina will recover all.

    Clairvoyance << >>
    Magnifying glass to the CG scene and appeared to be five SG. Is a perspective view of the clothes so that you can use this!
    X-ray vision will continue to become stronger As rises SG.

    >> << TALK mode
    TALK mode will be available 10 When the SG.
    ST will be restored If there is a match with her topic.

    Mode change of clothes << >>
    You will be able to be dressed the girl becomes 20 SG.

    + Button << >>
    Set the live wallpaper.

    Clock Settings >> <<
    You can view the watch from the menu.

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    When available, we ask that you please check the ( # 001) Terms sure this application.

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