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    GPS permissions is for deciding sunrise and sunset times for your specific locations if you have the unlocked free version. If you don't have the unlocked version it won't do anything at all.

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    Breathtaking mountains reflecting in the calm relaxing waves of the lake. Flowers and grass in the foreground, birds in the air and a live sky with clouds, sun and moon depending on the time. Supports horizontal scrolling on all devices.

    While the free version is beautiful and fully functional, most settings are locked. The full version is highly customizable with loads of settings and offers "real time" mode with seamless color transitions between all times of the day.

    Settings in full version:
    - Select Winter or Summer scene
    - Wave Size
    - Surface Activity
    - Show/Hide Foreground
    - Background Distance
    - Optional GPS position reading once a day for automatic calculation of sunrise/sunset times.
    - Select Flowers (Fall flowers or Summer flowers)
    - Flower Count

    + Settings for image quality, stars, sun, sunset, sunrise, moon, night sky brightness, night light intensity, time, clouds, wind speed, birds, bird hunt, performance, color depth, scroll speed and more...

    Based on the extraordinary photo "Mount Shuksan, Picture Lake" by JoAnn Zheng (edited by Michal Osmenda).

    Other contributors (flickr users):

    Jackson Lake: Frank Kovalchek
    Ouzel Lake: Karva Javi
    Dandelion: Amanda Slater
    Lupin: isamiga76
    Orange Chrysanthemum: Ian Muttoo
    Pink Chrysanthemum: Joshua Brown
    Moon: Luis Argerich

    Thanks everyone for the creative commons licenses!

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