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    Mp3 Cutter And Ringtone Maker

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    MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker is a great FREE application that lets you cut the part of a audio song and save it as your Ringtone / Alarm / Notification Tone.

    Cut your favorite Mp3 Files into nice and sweet ringtone. Upload your song you want to cut, then use Mp3 Cutter.

    If there is song and part you dont like, you can simply get it out and listen to song parts you really enjoy, make awesome ringtone from that and enjoy it to fullness.

    "Are you a music lover ? if so you will love this application"
    "You can customize the songs as per your wish"
    "do u have any favorite songs? just merge the couple of your favorite songs using Igost Mp3 Cutter & Merger "
    While playing a selected portion of the audio, you can see an indicator cursor and auto scrolling waveform. You can zoom this wave and cut the song at the perfect position you want.
    Mp3 Cutter Contains:
    ✓ Mp3 Cutter
    ✓ Mp3 Player
    By Using Mp3 Cutter You Can :
    ✓ Cut mp3 songs and save it in the folder ../Igost/songs
    ✓ Merge two mp3 files and make a fusion song.
    ✓ Assign it as your device ring tone,contact ring tone ,notification tones etc...
    Features include :
    ✓You can make your own ringtones.
    ✓you can cut and merge the mp3 files using Mp3 Cutter & Merger.
    ✓you can create fusion songs.
    ✓cutting and merging of the recorded song is possible.
    ✓After merging a song you can hear the merged song in player
    ✓The application can be moved to SD card.
    ✓After saving the trimmed mp3 u will get options for using the trimmed tone as alarm tone,ringtone,notification,assign to contact and option for opening the output folder.
    ✓storage path of both trimmed and merged mp3 is mentioned separately (sdcard/igost/music).
    ✓You can access both the trimmed and merged mp3 from the home page folders (Trimmed tones & Merged tones) in the application itself.

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