You are sitting in an important meeting and suddenly your phone rings disturbing every member of the meeting. You are embarassed. You takes the phone and tries to make it silent and it doesn't. Damn!... Boss is looking at you fiercly. You then cut the call, which later you have to give explanation to the person at the other end why did you cut the phone. You might be just wondering, is there any application which turns the phone silent when you want to... Yes there is. muteme!!!

    muteme aplication is designed for android users which makes the phone silent. What? Turns the phone silent? Is that what you are thinking? Yes it does. All you have to do is flip the phone, and bingo phone is silent. You don't have to cut the call, You don't have to press any button to make it silent (Which ofcourse is not provided with any touchscreen android phones). You can even schedule the phone to be in silent mode for the amount of time you want it to be

    Key Features:
    1. If we enable flip mode in this application, while call comes flipping the mobile will turns mobile into silent mode.
    2. We could set timer for silent and vibration mode

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