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    A diary is something that many of us cherish and wouldn't be without. A diary can often have great therapeutic benefit. A diary can help you deal with the stresses of modern life and create something highly personal that's a record of your life.

    Use My Diary on a regular basis to report on events, and to write down emotions and secrets that you don't want anyone to know.

    A diary allows you to let out your emotions and thoughts that are otherwise bottled up. A diary is a place where you can work through your thoughts, and seeing them written down can help you to learn more about yourself and about how you really think.

    You'd also be surprised just how much you can forget about yourself, and about what has happened and it can be a very odd but enjoyable experience reliving old meals, old evenings out and even old people that you'd come to forget.

    You don't have to write every day, every week or even at any regular intervals whatsoever. Make your diary more like a journal and just write into it whenever you want to and whenever you need it. It doesn't need to have any narrative structure and it doesn't matter if there are huge gaps, just pick up where you left off and carry on as normal. A diary is a tool to help you save those special memories.

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