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    Forever beta, forever free, no ad application.

    To update the profile settings according to location/network conditions and extent battery life by using mobile network, wifi and your internet connection.

    Similar to locale, but this is a free application and no ad. Try it and leave a common if you want anything to be improved.

    MyPA uses very small amount of internet usage, but if that is a concern to you, make sure your “Location address” under the monitor session is empty.
    Add the widget to your home screen to swith on/off the application.
    Allow MyPA to start up when your mobile is on.
    Setup a base profile as default setting, and have the wifi enabled.
    Change the screen brightness setting to your minimal requirement if you want to improve your battery life.
    Use get Status to check if your mobile phone has your latest location information
    As for the sake of GREEN, the location check will only use the last update information, and will requrest a new update check for next check. Therefore, there will be a reasonable delay for updating your location information.
    Create the new profile after you check the status match your current location, you will need network(internet) connection if you want to use the address monitor.
    in the address monitor, use street name or area name instead of full address. For example, use “Sydney” or “George St” to match with the address “333 George St, Sydney NSW 2000”
    Create overlapped area to allow your phone to transit from one profile to the other.

    For example::
    If you have wireless connection at home, and you want to turn it off when you are on the way to work. Then create a profile for home and one more to your station/bus stop/street outside of your home, with the Wifi enable. So that when you outside of the station/bus stop, it will match with other profile and wifi will switch on when you are close to your home. Remember that the wifi needs to be switch on before it can find out what network connection is available.
    Depended on your situation, adjust the “location distance” to your expected range from your location, noting that while even GPS is enabled, you may still find yourself few hundred meters away from where you actually are. I personally set 300m or range from my home in the profile.

    Let me know if you want it to be in any language. I will try my best to get it translated.

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