Neobiotic (Free)




    See evolution at work in this exciting live wallpaper based on Conway's Game of Life. Watch as your microorganisms grow and change colors based on their heritage.

    Note: This is the free version of Neobiotic. If you like it, the full version has tons of extra features and customizability.

    - Play the game your way! Modify the simulation rules to make your own evolutionary path or leave them at the defaults and watch Conway's original game play out. (Full version only)
    - Change the colors of the organisms by choosing from an array of pre-built color schemes.
    - Tired of a random initial generation of organisms? Shake things up by selecting from among a list of pre-defined structures, like the well-known "pulsar" and "glider" configurations! (Full version only)
    - Need more cells? Make their diameters smaller. Want to save battery? Make them larger! (More freedom in the full version)
    - Take a screenshot by holding down one finger and double-tapping a second. (Full version only)
    - Reset the simulation by holding down two fingers and double-tapping a third.

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