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    New Ring Factory is a new version which has new interface and it still have powerful functions and you can record your voice and edit sounds and do some personalized settings to your ringtones with it. What is more, this app is free.

    OK, I think we should talk about its functions in a detailed way.

    1. When you open this app, you will notice that all the sounds including songs and ringtones are listed before you. You also can see that there are some buttons are float on the sounds. If you touch the button in the bottom left corner, the floating buttons will be disappeared.

    2. First, let us talk about how to set a song as your ringtone, You just choose one song, then a menu appears and you can choose setting it as call ringtone or alarm ringtone or notification ringtone.

    3. If you touch any one of the three buttons call, alarm and notification, you will notice a record button. Touching this button and then a record page appears and you can record your voice now. Touching start button and stop to control the recording progress. You can set your voice as ringtone.

    4. There is a edit button which is use to edit sounds. When you click it and you will see a edit page. You must import a song and then you can edit it. The start and end time can be chosen and you don’t forget to save it. Then you can set it as your ringtone.

    5. There are other functions such as volume set and mode set. You can set the volume of various ringtones only on one page and you can choose the mode of your ringtone on the basic of the practice.

    6. This is a good and functional ringtone app. If you feel it is good use, I hope you can give me 5 starts and share it with your family or friends. If you find any problem, please let me know it.

    According to the introduction above, I think that you have known New Ring Factory is a good ringtone maker or ringtone editor.

    If you want to make your own ringtone and you want to set your voice as your ringtone, New Ring Factory is a good assistant to help you make it. It is the best ringtone maker for android in a way.

    New Ring Factory is a free ringtone maker and it not only can let you make mp3 ringtone, but also can make any sounds as your ringtone as long as you like.

    I hope New Ring Factory will help you make your unique ringtone and you will love it.

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