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    Om Live Wallpaper is a must have live wallpaper if you are a mystic enthusiast! This mysterious symbol will embellish your phone and make you distinguished! Download Om Live Wallpaper now and have this gorgeous Sanskrit sign in red, blue and gold color make your phone sophisticated and interesting. If you respect Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, Om Live Wallpaper is the wallpaper for you!
    - Amazing 3D live wallpaper for your phone!
    - Interactive feature: Tap on the screen and new Om symbols will appear immediately!
    - There is full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!
    - This beautiful, free and enjoyable background is waiting for you!
    Installation instructions:
    Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
    Even if you are not a member of Hindu religion, or a Hindu enthusiast, you are going to like the Om symbol because it is simply fantastic! Actually Om, shortened from Omkara or Omkar, is not exactly a Hindu sign. The origin of the syllable Om is lost in the misty past. The syllable Om is quite familiar to a Hindu, however. It occurs in every prayer. Invocation to most gods begins with this syllable, in Hinduism as well as in other religions, like Islam and Christianity, with different variations of amen and amin, but basically it is the same sound. This indicates some link between the various symbols and perhaps a common origin. The Om symbol is in depiction similar to Latin letter M and Greek letter Omega. Thus the origin of the syllable Om is lost in the misty past. It’s not being specific to any one country or civilization, it is indicative of being a universally perceptible sound for the human race. In Hinduism, Omkar syllable was first described as all-encompassing mystical entity in the Upanishdas, a collection of philosophical texts forming Hindu mythology. Om has become a common sign for Hinduism and its philosophy and theology. Hindus believe that the first form divine creation took was the Om syllable. So from that point of view it could be said that the Om syllable and symbol is specific to India and Hinduism. Nevertheless, the beauty and attraction of this symbol are undeniable. Its intricate shape is mysterious and inspires wonder. It truly has all characteristics of a divine symbol. Imagine something so sophisticated and mystic embellishing your phone! This Sanskrit sign appears on several misty backgrounds, glowing blue, sparkling thunder and glowing red! Om syllable might have different “symbol and meaning” for you, but the enjoyment you’ll experience looking at this gorgeous blue, red and gold symbol is the same. So, download Om Live Wallpaper now and boast to your friends with your new mysterious live wallpaper. Everybody will be so amazed that they will wish an Omkar symbol for themselves as well.

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