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    behold free live owl wallpaper on your android screen. get this snow owl live wallpaper and owl live wallpaper now. owls are enigmatic birds that have always captivated humankind. first associated with the night, synonymous for the unknown and for mystery, they are surrounded by various legends and have a strong symbolic representation. since ancient times, the representation of the owl have been strongly related to wisdom, philosophy and intuitive knowledge. is it also the case in other cultures? let us see today, through its history and its origins, the symbolism of the owl. however, many cultures have focused on the dark side of the symbolism of the night owl. since immemorial time, people have always been wary of the owl is because of the fear of the dark, or the night and mysterious things that might inhabit it. in general, the hooting of an owl is considered a harbinger of death or bad luck and may even prophesy death. statistically, more people die in the night, and for this reason the owl was also regarded as the messenger of death.

    for the greeks, certain species of owls were considered as birds of darkness. indeed, the greek personified it into the sinister son of acheron and orphne, namely the dark. he was changed into an owl by demeter after seeing her daughter persephone eating a pomegranate seed in the garden of hades, the god of darkness and death. the bird flying is thus present in some representations of the underworld and latin poetry gives him the name of funereal. in egypt, it expressed the cold, the night, and also death. but paradoxically, the owl is also a great symbol of wisdom and knowledge. indeed, it is also a guide through the underworld, a creature with sharp eyesight in the dark, and a silent and fast raptor. native americans consider the owl as the bird of sorcerers because of its association with the dark. it symbolizes deception and silent observation because it flies quietly and calmness. the owl is feared by many people who believe that the death warning is in its hooting.

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