Package Lock Screen




    Have you ever dreamed of saving troublesome in your daily life? Do you want to get full functions in your process of unlocking the screen? Well, this screen locker can help you out. You will love it! Come to download in your Android users.

    - This app is made for lock/unlock screen
    - It is sound and vibration supported
    - Date and time display on the lock screen interface
    - This app bases on android mobile operating system
    - It is easy and simple to use

    This is a screen unlock method for Android users. With this tool, we can drag to unlock the screen and get quick access to call and camera.

    Functions introduction
    Sound and vibration effects
    They are used to make this app more useful and helpful.
    You will feel the cell phone vibration when you unlock the lock screen, and you will hear the sound when it is unlocked.
    Data Display
    In the lock interface, you can see the power of your cell phone, expect for date and time.

    Package Lock Screen still need the power button of your cell phone to lock and show the lock screen by this app, it provides a beautiful door lock screen background when you want to unlock screen by using the power button, rather than the home screen without this app.
    You will know how to unlock screen by this app very well when you see the lock screen, it is a slide to unlock screen application. In the lock screen interface, there is a package will tell you what you can get and how to unlock the screen.
    1. Enable this screen locker.
    2. Turn on the locked screen with POWER key.
    3. We can get daily information, locker and shortcuts here.

    4. Touch the package and we can get shortcuts of call, key and camera.
    4. If you drag one to the door, it will help us unlock the screen.
    5. If you drag SMS/camera icon here, we can unlock the screen and make a quick call/photo here.

    Say goodbye to traditional screen locker! With this tool, we can get more than expected. It will save us a lot of time and troublesome. In the same time, we can save a lot of battery here.