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    Did you know that panthers are so agile and nimble that they can reach 20 feet in one leap?
    If you love these animals, you will surely find "Panther Live Wallpaper" adorable! By downloading the app you'll be able to enjoy various pictures of the beautiful and rare black panther any time! Get your new wallpaper right now!
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    A Panther is a large, powerful, carnivorous mammal, belonging to the family Felidae -a wild cat. They appear similar to leopards, having an unmarked tawny body. They are exotic, powerful and intelligent animals. They tend to be aggressive and one of the most feared animals in the world. The term used for all kinds of black big cats that have shiny black fur.
    They are described as unspotted leopards with sharp emerald eyes and dark brown hair. They have a long body and neck with a short face, small head and a long tail. The hind limbs are larger than the fore limbs. The paws of a black panther are deadly weapons for prey. They strangle their prey by grabbing it at the throat with their powerful paws and sharp claws, and they sometimes kill a smaller prey by slapping its head hard with their paw. This mere action can break the victim's skull.
    The species are native of Africa, Asia and America. They can survive only in natural places that provide a good habitat area for them. Their common habitat is coniferous and tropical forests. They are also found in rainforest, swamps, savannahs, marshland, woodlands and even mountains and deserts. They can also live in places populated by humans, which is uncommon with big cats. The dark coats of black panthers camouflage them at night and also in dense forests. This helps them to avoid dangerous enemies and also to approach their prey without being noticed.
    They reason why this species can live in such a wide variety of habitat is because they can eat many kinds of animals. They eat various kinds of mammals, birds and reptiles. They also catch fishes from the streams with their paws.
    They have a special behavior, which is different from the other big cats. Being members of the big cat family, they can roar. These are solitary animals. They seldom stay together; other than the female and her cubs, or mating in the breeding season. They live and hunt for themselves.
    The Florida Panther is Florida's state animal. It is estimated that only 80 of the species remain in the wild. The animal was placed on the endangered species list in 1967.

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