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    A free live wallpaper app with bright customizable scrolling colors that is sure to bring the party to your Android device! Gaze at these gorgeous gradients, and get lost in a myriad of rainbows and other colorful options. Customize colors and animations to reflect your unique personality.

    Party all the time with a variety of colored gradients like Emerald City, Under the Sea, Fire and Flames, Luxury Option, Four Color Fade, and many more!

    Show your patriotism with the unique color palettes of your country's flag. Don't see an option for you country's colors? Please email with your request and we will add it to a future update :)

    Choose from horizontal, vertical, or diagonal gradients; whichever direction you like best.

    Adjust graphics quality, frame rate, and scrolling speed to balance animation quality with battery consumption.

    Open the wallpaper preview screen and settings with a simple double click on your home screen (disabled by default).

    Created using Unity 5, the Gradient Shader Pack asset from Venus12, and the uLiveWallpaper asset from Lost Polygon.

    *** Personal note from the developer ***

    My sincerest apologies for taking so long to update this app. When support for the original Unity live wallpaper asset was dropped, there was no available method to update this app. Now, thanks to the new wonderful asset from Lost Polygon, changes are once again possible. Thank you very much for your patience, and I hope you enjoy this and other Android live walllpaper apps from Anachronic Designs. Please send an email with any bug reports or feature requests. Your ratings/reviews are very much appreciated, thank you!


    The live wallpaper preview screen should open after downloading the app, and an icon should appear on your home screen. Tapping this icon will allow you to access the settings menu.

    Please wait for the Unity loading screen to complete and the live wallpaper to become visible before selecting Apply. It should still work if you miss this step, but sometimes bugs can occur if the wallpaper is applied before completely loaded.

    In the settings menu, select the Double Tap option to easily open the preview screen by double tapping on your device's home screen. If for some reason the app fails to install on download and no icon appears, you can navigate to the live wallpapers section in your device settings and look for it there.

    If wallpaper only shows a flickering Unity symbol, or does not appear anywhere on your device, please try re-installing the application. Feel free to contact us for support if you still encounter problems after following these instructions.

    Party Free Live Wallpaper has been updated with the latest version of Unity as of February 2017, to support the latest Android APIs. Unfortunately however, this requires dropping support for older APIs. Sincere apologies if this live wallpaper app no longer works on your device following the latest update, but this is a necessary trade-off to make updates to the app and improve support for new devices.

    Want to know more about how this live wallpaper app was made using the Unity game development engine? Get more information about the engine, the Gradient Shader Pack, and uLiveWallpaper from the Unity Asset Store.


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