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    What is the password of your credit card or social network account?
    Your birthday or your lover's birthday?
    Are you tired of thinking about secure password?
    Do you know what kind of password is the most safe?

    As we all know,the level of password security is determined by different factors.
    The password which consists of all numbers or all letters is less security.
    The password which consists of numbers,letters and symbols together is the most secure.
    More complicated your password,more secure.

    This application Password Generator is here for you to generate password at any time according to your requirement.
    what kind of password could the app generate?
    1.Password with all lowercase letters.

    2.Password with all Uppercase letters.

    3.Password with all numbers.

    4.Password with all symbols.

    5.Password with any combination of lowercase,uppercase,numbers and symbols which is the most secure one.

    With this application, you could generate as many passwords as you want.
    The number of password could be set.The minimum number is 5 and the maximum is 50.

    In addition,the length of password could also be set as you wish.
    The length of password could vary from 6 to 16.

    After all your personalized setting,click the button of Generate to show all the password.
    And all the password is produced randomly.

    Major Features:

    1.This application is here for you free.

    2.The app generate password at random.

    3.It allows you to generate according to your request.

    4.Select the password composition,lowercase,uppercase,numbers and symbols.

    5.The length and number of password could be adjusted.

    Obtain a safe password.
    The password generated by this app can't be decoded and guessed by others.
    You can count on it!

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    After all,this is the fruit of all our developer!!!
    Any question,please write us an email!!!

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