Password Unlock Screen Locker




    Enter a password to unlock the screen. This screen locker Password Unlock Screen Locker is different from traditional screen locker with password locker in such a beautiful background.

    Look no future, you have just found the best screen locker for you Android device. When it comes to easy to use and creativity, this screen locker is definitely invincible in Android market.


    We can get a beautiful background for the locked screen.

    In this background we can get daily information about day of week, date and time.

    We should input 4 digit password to unlock the screen.


    1. Open this app to get settings.

    2. Enable vibration and sound or not as you wish.

    3. Edit a password with 4 digit number here to be your key.

    4. Activate this screen locker Password Unlock Screen Locker.

    5. Press POWER key to get such a locked screen with date and time.

    6. Enter your password key here to unlock the screen.

    This Password Unlock Screen Locker can help you out of traditional slide screen locker. It will bring us a lot of fun.


    If you feel good at this screen locker, please give us 5 stars to support us.

    If you think there is some progress to make, email us, please. Thank you!

    A password can be a secret word or string of characters that may be used for user authentication to prove identity, or for access approval to gain access to a resource. The password should be kept secret from those not allowed access. The use of passwords can be known to be ancient. Sentries would challenge those wishing to enter an area or approaching it to supply a password or watchword, and would only allow a person or group to pass if they knew the password. In modern times, user names and passwords can be commonly used by people during a log in process that controls access to protected computer operating systems, mobile phones, cable TV decoders, automated teller machines (ATMs), etc.

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