Phone Gnome Live Lite




    Have you ever wanted to have a pet gnome? Tired of the gnomes in your lawn or garden that just sit there? Well then, this is your chance! Watch the little gnome stroll around the forest inside of your phone or tablet. The gnome will do various activities to keep himself occupied, however in this Lite version his activities are rather limited. Get the full version to unlock his full potential!

    The Lite version comes with the summer background. If you upgrade to the full version, the gnome can enjoy any season! In the full version, setting the background to 'auto' will automatically change the background to match the season - spring, summer, fall, etc. Additionally in the full version, you can set the background to your specific choice, such as if you want a winter background during the summer!

    The full version also unlocks the settings that allow you to add and remove critters to keep the gnome company!

    One final note - this version of Phone Gnome Live keeps the gnome on a pretty short leash and his hijinks will be limited. Therefore, gnome maintenance shouldn't be necessary to correct any of his 'mishaps'.

    To set and change the settings of your live wallpaper:
    1. Go into your phone settings
    2. Choose 'Display'
    3. Select 'Live Wallpapers'
    4. Choose 'Phone Gnome Live Lite' out of the list of live wallpapers
    5. Choose 'Settings...' to switch between the different effects or choose 'Set wallpaper' to set it to your background.

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