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    Allows others to hear your audio while on the phone on some Samsung and new Sony Ericsson phones. Besides that, its a music player that goes full screen on landscape mode and has a funny sound board. I made a toggle button that hangs so you can use it for hold music during a call. Thus whenver someone puts you on hold just hit the hovering musical note and start playing music. Or play music while someones on the phone with you. On most phones you cant share the audio.

    How it works:

    After installing the application you will notice a rainbow decorated musical note hovering in the right hand corner of your android device. By clicking the musical note you will always be delivered to the phone music media player. Here you may choose any of your already loaded music,video or ringtones. Thus if you want to play music/video while on a phone call, simply press on the musical note. When inside the media player the symbol will change to a telephone, this hovering telephone when pressed will return you to the call screen and mute the audio. On the event of call-waiting, the media will end, ensure no call interference. If you do not like the button hovering above, simply hold it down for a few seconds and it will disappear until a call begins again.

    In addition to audio and video, the program comes loaded with a humorous soundboard with 30 effects.

    One customer suggested this program could be used as hold music although it would not work after pressing the hold button. You could play music for yourself while the other party had you on hold.

    Again with HTC EVOs there seems to be an issue with audio sharing that i am working on fixing, but there is some audio sharing on Samsung Galaxy phones older versions.

    *** - Some issues with audio sharing on HTC phones & gingerbread users. Samsungs seem to work great otherwise.

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