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    Piano Beginners Guide

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    **I'm not a great piano player. **

    The piano has 88 keys which span the frequency range 27.5 Hz (A0) to 4186 Hz (C8). The strings are sounded by hammer mechanisms which are activated by the keys. Held in a heavy cast iron frame, the strings pass over a bridge to a pin block by which the strings are tuned. The soundboard is a crucial element in the sound of the piano. Energy is coupled from the strings into the soundboard and from it into the air. The soundboard is usually made of spruce.


    ** In this app you will find about ** PIANO** and its importance in society.

    ** What is Piano ?

    ** Types of Piano...suitable for you

    ** Learn Piano in just few STEPS .... MAJOR THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT PIANO : piano chords and scales , piano organ

    , piano dx , What is piano note reader and be a piano perfect player.

    ** One lesson a day make the person perfect in Piano. piano practice and learning it is itself a entertaining exercise as piano exercise)

    ** Piano as an instrument. is easy or tough to understand ?

    ** Piano chords for songs .. chords are really important that can be understood by the help of this small paino instructor guide.

    ** Piano magic is really .........awesome to feel. try it now >>

    >>>>> **This app is a complete **Playing Piano Beginner's Guide your handy piano master ,all that you need to understand what is piano and which piano type will be suiting to you. also that will be beneficial to you at every end. so why to wait grab it

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