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    Pink Butterfly theme - GO SMS

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    **This theme is not a standalone app. You must have GO SMS PRO to apply themes (it's free On Google PlayStore). You ONLY need to download GO SMS Pro ONCE. Support email at
    Get the best Pink Butterfly theme for FREE GO SMS PRO. This NEW theme is simply the most beautiful and well designed currently on the market. HOW to use this? Be sure to download GO SMS PRO (FREE-10 Millions users), install it, then download & install Pink Butterfly theme here. Open GO SMS PRO, Choose Theme, choose this theme. You now have the fabulous pink butterfly theme on your phone.

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    TITLE: Pink Butterfly theme for FREE GO SMS PRO

    Do you like butterfly, wild animal print, or monkey theme for your Go SMS PRO or GO Launcher EX? Maybe you want girly / girlie things like stars, hearts, bubbles, paw prints, butterflies, sparkles and glitters? Then you will love this theme features. We blend Pink, light pink, cotton candy pink, hot pink and bright pink colors with highlight of black white gray to make beautiful designs for you.

    Pink Butterfly theme for FREE GO SMS PRO FEATURES:

    - Superbly beautiful, cute and cuddly styled with tons of customization options.

    - Pink butterfly theme is made for all including the latest ICS Google Operating System and GO SMS PRO 4.5x

    - XO unique custom design stunning wallpapers and clean, beautiful icons

    - Fantastic high-resolution HD main background with custom soft frame, designed by XO Studio from the scratch.

    - Custom Pink butterfly pop-up message with custom matching colors and icons, scroll vertical or horizontal as well.

    - Our theme glossy pink butterfly large buttons and icons are designed for the latest GO SMS PRO including GO chat/Contacts and app. Center.

    - 100% themed out message main background, texting/chat interface, GO chat/Contacts and app. Center

    - Text fields have pink matching fonts through out this theme

    - Super cute pink chat bubbles with unique butterfly and heart resting on top.

    **Custom work on all of the followings:
    -Backgrounds for Inbox, Messages, application, GO Chat centers
    -Background for chatroom
    -Send&receive Chat Bubbles
    -Popup Window and buttons
    -Top Bar & Bottom Bar graphics
    -Buttons & text edit frame
    -Font & Font Colors (NOTE: the theme font and colors can be changed in the settings menu under the "advanced" tab in Go SMS Pro.)

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    (Q) Where is the clock and battery widgets?
    (These are not part of the theme app that you download. They are FREE on Google Play)

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