Pirate Adventure Screen Unlock




    Make a quick call or send a message to ask for help from pirates in your adventure journey. This screen locker Pirate Adventure Screen Unlock supplies us with such a theme here to lock and unlock the screen. Come to quickly ask for help to explore new things.

    Beautiful UI and background with sea and pirate
    Show us date, time, day of week
    Allows setting full screen/shortcut key or not
    Get reminder of ringtone/vibration
    Totally free for Android mobiles
    Simple to lock and easy to unlock

    1. Open this app and we can get a list of settings for us to set at first.
    2. in such operations, we can get 4 parts here, including enable part, auxiliary part and personalized part, other options part.
    3. Ringtone and vibration effects could be accessible to us in auxiliary part to remind us of unlocking with sound and vibration.
    4. In personalized part, you can enable to lock with full screen or status bar, and activate shortcut SEARCH key.
    5. In other options, you can leave us your comment and five stars. If you like it, please share with your friends.
    6. Enable this screen locker to activate this locker here.

    1. Activate and get pirate on the boat.
    2. Put your finger on the SMS/message/locker icon to drag down.
    3. We can get quick access to calling, messages and home screen directly here.
    4. To make our life more convenient, we can get date, time and day of week here for free.

    Come to download this screen locker now for free. In your adventure, you may meet some threats or troubles, just quick unlock the screen to ask for help with your Android devices. Come to download this screen locker with the theme of pirate here. You can have a lot of fun here. if you like this Pirate Adventure Screen Unlock, please share with your friends and give us 5 stars here. Thank you!