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    behold the cute pitbull dog on your android screen. there was a time when reports of pit bull attacks were nonexistent. get this funny animal pictures and live pitbull wallpapers now. the sight of a pit bull walking down the street didn’t evoke terror, but rather reminded people of beloved dogs they had seen in the movies and in the media. an american favorite, the pit bull was featured in army recruitment posters during world war 1 and there were several famous pit bulls that served in the american military. they were a dog that was seen as a protector, a friend and an athlete, the sort of dog americans aspired to have by their side. in fact, sports teams in the 1930s used the image of the pit bull to depict an admirable competitor and sportsman. to be called a pit bull was a compliment, what a great breed and canine. this app is indeed pet photos and canine picture. pit bulls dog breed were also seen as a child’s best friend. on the silver screen the pit bull was a constant companion to the adorable kids in the our gang comedies, as well as with buster brown. the breed was also the corporate mascot for the buster brown shoe company. and who doesn’t think fondly of the pit bull terrier depicted sitting next to a gramophone in the famous rca victor image. for a good portion of american history as breeders the breed was beloved.

    then in the 1980’s the way the public felt about pit bulls changed. friendly dog that guard kids, sometime this pedigree like to isolated them self. the big shift in american sentiment toward pit bulls began in earnest in the 1980s. by 1986 over thirty communities had instituted or were considering breed specific legislation that targeted banning pit bulls. how times change. how can such protect rescue and purebred pets like this that like to drool can be ban, it all due to security and war. retina wallpapers. today, public perception of pit bulls as dog names is starting to shift back, but there is still a great deal of work to do to help people understand the true nature of these dogs. you can help by educating yourself with the truth about the breed and sharing it with others. there is no breed of funny dog that is inherently bad.

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