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    *** UPDATE 2 ***

    Pokédroid will be removed from the Android Market shortly.

    A legal representative of The Pokémon Company has responded to me via email. He has confirmed that TPC would like Pokédroid, and all similar apps, to be removed from the Android Market.

    TPC's stance is apparently that they don't want any Pokédex or Pokémon-related apps at all for the Android platform. They feel that such apps infringe upon their copyrights and compete with the print versions of their strategy guides.

    While I disagree with this decision, which I believe is detrimental to the interests of both Pokémon fans and TPC alike, I have decided to comply with their request. Thus, henceforth I will cease all development on Pokédroid and remove it from the Android Market.

    When this page goes down, please visit my site ( for more information. I will _not_ host the APK there.

    It has been a pleasure to serve the Pokémon community. I hope you had as much fun using Pokédroid as I had writing it.

    - Nolan

    *** UPDATE ***

    Pokédroid might be removed from the Android Market due to a copyright claim by The Pokémon Company.

    Many Pokédex apps were already removed, including Pokédroid Donate.

    I am currently trying to contact The Pokémon Company in order to get permission to keep Pokédroid (and similar apps) on the Market.

    I'll post updates as the situation develops.


    Didn't you ever wish you had a real talking Pokédex, just like Ash Ketchum in the TV show? I'm 25 and I still do.

    Well, now it's finally here! Search by voice, and this unofficial Pokédex will read the description aloud (in Android 1.6+ only).

    Version 1.4 includes an update for Pokémon Black/White. You can use the Game Version setting to toggle between newer and older games.


    Tips for new users:

    - Long-press on a cry to save it as a ringtone or notification.

    - Swipe left and right on a Pokémon's page to browse through the list of Pokémon.

    - Long-press on a move to see Pokémon that learn that move.

    - The "Moves" section of Advanced Search is basically an Attackdex. You can search by attack name and sort by power, accuracy, type, etc.

    - Tap a sprite to toggle shiny.

    - The "Text-to-Speech Locale" setting lets you toggle the Pokédex voice between American and British accents.

    - You can search Pokémon right from your home screen! Go to About > Add-ons > Search Widget for more info.

    - Most of the data is provided by Marriland, so thank him by going to his site!

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