Project X UCCW Skin

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    This is a full screen theme designed for the nexus 4. However it will work as a full screen theme on some other devices but the instructions included in this description may not apply for other devices.

    -This setup works perfectly in nova launcher on the nexus 4 but it may vary on other launchers and devices.
    - In your launcher set the width and height margins to none.
    -Remove the dock and notification bar.
    -Set grid size to either 8*8 or 10*10
    -And Enjoy!

    -Add a UCCW widget and a list of skins will pop up.
    -Select the skin of your choice and there you have it.
    You need the UCCW app in order for this skin to function!

    1. Add the Card/Widget of your choice.
    2. Check Hotspots by clicking areas of card
    3. If the hotspots are not to your liking open uccw
    4. Click the menu button and turn "Lock Widgets/Hotspots" to "off"
    5. The app will close itself immediately.
    7. Click the widget you added in step 1.
    8. uccw will open.
    9. Click assign hotspot find the app shortcut and click it.
    10. 10. Click the menu button again and hit Lock Widgets/Hotspors to ON.
    11. This must be done for some cards as no hotspots are assigned.


    If you have any problem with the app please contact us at: