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    feel and watch the calming scenery of purple night field at your android screen. purple night field is a scenery live wallpaper featuring a retina wallpapers of purple night field at night with a abandoned lantern, perfect for a short fantasy trip. fantasy wallpapers and digital art wallpapers now. sometimes the real world just isn't enough, sometimes you just want to escape and enter a world of mythical creatures and unreal-ism. creating your very own fantasy garden should get you halfway there. colour, in the fantasy or fairyland world you will notice a never ending vast range of colours. do you notice how most fantasy worlds have a wide variety of colour and light? take avatar for example, they use a variety of purples, blues, greens and silver to create one of the most beautiful fantasy world scenes on camera. fantasy never seems to be bland, so brighten up your garden with a wide variety of colours, be creative and don’t restrict yourself! take full advantage of the wide variety of flowers mother nature has to offer.

    choose your favorite colours and mix them together, have fun with it, the possibilities are endless. this is hd fantasy wallpapers and mythology app. natures music, fill your garden with music! and no, by this, you don't have to set up a surround sound system around the garden and blast your favorite tunes, use nature's music! fill your garden with nature’s music to give it an unworldly feel. you can do this by purchasing a wind chime; it will look beautiful in your garden and will fill it with a sweet, unique symphony; you will find yourself waiting for the next gust of wind! if wind chimes aren’t your thing, you could also try to attract birds to your garden, who doesn’t love the sweet sound of happily chirping birds. scent. your garden should have a unique smell. fill it with sweet, unique fragrances by the use of flowers and of course no artificial fragrances are needed (nature offers us everything we need). try using lavender or roses, or maybe some honeysuckle. get the aromas flowing throughout your garden by using plants that have a strong, sweet scent. you can create a unique scent by mixing a variety of flowers together; your garden will have a brilliant smell like no other.

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