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    Quantum Break could well be the single biggest thing to hit gaming since the console.

    In this Wallpaper & News app you'll find screenshots as they are released, and of course all the news about the release of the game and TV show. It's a long way off, but the excitement in the gaming community is well-founded.

    Developed exclusively for the Xbox One, Quantum Break blurs the lines between immersive entertainment media... specifically TV and gaming.

    Imagine if the experience you had in the game influenced the storyline of the TV show... and the new direction of the TV show changed the way you played the game.

    That's what Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment are planning on, and the brief peek we've had so far suggests that they're going to be hugely successful.

    The time travel theme is a perennial favorite and the team have even taken the trouble to bring a theoretical physicist on board to clarify our current understanding of reality... that's what we call attention to detail!

    As more information becomes available, we'll bring it to you directly. Because this is one game you can't afford to miss. Oh, and Microsoft's Xbox One site has a pre-order button... just sayin'.

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