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    Redesigned Ring Maker is a new version which is designed again and is more powerful and its interface layout is new adjusted.

    Let talk about its key features now.

    1. When you open this app, you will find that many recommended ringtones are listed to you. You can try them and maybe you will like one or more of them.

    2. Setting a new ringtone is very easy. If you want to change your call ring, you just touch the call button and then you will have three choices which let you choose your ringtone from system, SD card or record. When you choose one ringtone, you can assign it one contact so that that contact can have different ringtone from other contacts.

    3. Let me tell you how to record your voice as a ringtone. You touch the record button and then a new page appears before you. On this page you touch the start button to begin recording and touch the stop button to end the record. Don’t forget save the record and you can set it as your ringtone.

    4. There is another important function that you can edit a song as your ringtone. You will find the editor button in the more button. You can import a song you like and edit it as you like on the editing page. Don’t forget to make a name and save it. You also can set it as your ringtone.

    5. This app also can let you set the different kinds of ringtones’ volume just on one page which is very convent. At that page you can get the detailed information of the volume.

    6. You may have noticed the mode button which can let you set the mode of your ring. You know sometimes you need your mobile phone silent or vibrate. This app give your four choices to you to choose which are ring only, vibrate only, ring and vibrate and silent. You can choose one on the basic of your situation.
    7. If you feel this app is good, I hope you can give me 5 stars or share it with your friends and family. If you meet problems of this app, please inform me.

    Do you want to change your ringtones? You can make you own ringtones and let the contacts in your mobile phone have different ringtones. You can edit a popular song as your own ringtone. How can you make this? Redesigned Ring Maker is the solution you want to find.

    Redesigned Ring Maker has the functions of ringtone maker and ringtone editor’s. You can record your voice and let you voice become your ringtone. Your ringtone will be unique around the world.

    If you like one song very much, you also can edit it and make it more suit you can become it as your ringtone.

    Redesigned Ring Maker is a free ringtone maker or free ringtone editor for android. You can get many different ringtone makers on the internet such as mp3 ringtone maker and ringtone maker app. However, I think that Redesigned Ring Maker is the best ringtone maker for android because its powerful functions.

    You can download it and I hope that it will help you make your unique ringtones.

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