Retribution Launcher




    A customizable launcher based on Launcher3 from the Android Open Source Project (also the basis for the Google Now Launcher).


    - Ability to Change the number of Rows and Columns on the work space to anything between 2 and 12.
    - Ability to hide the Dock and have the work space stretch to cover the space.
    - Ability to hide the Search Bar. (The work space only stretches over it in Landscape if the Dock is also hidden. Portrait works either way)
    - (Unsupported) Rotation on phones.
    - Automatically calculates an ideal icon size based on the configuration.
    - Full Icon and Icon label size adjustment.
    - Icon Pack support with Icon Pack previews during selection.
    - Customize Folder colors. (Limited in Lite Version)
    - Scroll Transitions for page changes.
    - App Drawer sorting by Name, Install Time, and Launch Count.
    - Choose between the old and new style folder icons.
    - The Folder Icon can be colored to match the folder background Color.
    - Complete color customization of the Background, Icon Labels, and Folder Names in folders.
    - App Drawer Groups. View either All Apps, or user defined Groups groups in the App Drawer.
    - Ability to set Folder Colors individually
    - Rapid Page scrolling in the Widget and Icon Pack selectors and the App Drawer.
    - Edit folder contents from a list of installed apps. (or groups)
    - Support for Tablets.
    - Available on Android 4.0.3 and up

    There is no attempt made whatsoever to replicate the Google Now integration from the Google Now Launcher. Every attempt at that I've seen results in a less than great user experience, and offers nothing over the existing Swipe-Up shortcut or using the search bar. Looking forward, I do have other ideas for the Custom Page screen at the far edge of the work space.

    IMPORTANT NOTE for Android 4.0.x and 4.1.x users.

    For both, the Widget selector uses the old system dialog boxes due to limitations in Android prior to 4.2. The same is true for Live Wallpapers in 4.0.x as well.

    Screenshots show some features unlocked by the paid Pro Key

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