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    The ringtones in your mobile phone are important to you. Different ringtones have their own features and functions. You need set them one by one according to the practice. This is a little trouble in a way and it will waste your valuable time.

    Have you ever dreamed that you can set your ringtones in one app and you can use that app to create your own ringtones? What is more, that app also can record your voice as your ringtones.

    That app is Ring Editor App which can realize your dream. After you know its powerful functions, you will love this app.

    1. Let us talk about its function one by one. The first function is that there are some ringtones provided to you to choose. These ringtones include different types of sounds such as car, arrow, gun and so on.

    2. The second function is record function. The RECORD button is included in the CALL, ALARM and WARNING buttons. After touching the RECORD button, a page which is used to record your voice appears before you. You must want to know how to use this page, right? The START button can begin to record your voice, the STOP button will end the record. Don’t forget to make a name and you can set your voice as a ringtone.

    3. The third function is editing. In the MORE button, you can find EDITOR. In the editor page you can import any sounds and then edit it. You can choose the starting time and ending time of the sounds. Of course, you can important your voice and make it better to be a ringtone.

    4. The fourth function is volume setting. The VOLUME button is in the MORE button. You can set different kinds of ringtones volume in one page. This will save your time. By touching the VOLUME on that page, you can get the detailed information of volume.

    5. The fifth function is the mode setting. Four modes are provided for you to choose. These four modes are ring only, ring and vibrate, vibrate only and silent. In different time or places you may need different modes.

    6. The functions of this ringtone app have been introduced. You may have noticed that this is a functional ring app which almost can meet your any need of ringtone. If you would like to support it, please give it five stars. If you still need more functions, please let me know.

    I almost forget to tell you that Ring Editor App is a free ringtone maker, or it can be called a free ringtone editor. It has these two abilities and other functions.

    Today you may want to make your own ringtones and your ringtones will be personalized. You can find many ringtone maker app on the internet but many of them are used on computer. But Ring Editor App is a ringtone editor or maker which can be used on mobile phone, so just using your mobile phone can make your own special ringtones.

    I think this is the best ringtone maker for android, don’t you think so?

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