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    Ring Maker Pro is a ringtone maker which can let you make your own unique ringtones. It has another powerful function that you can use it record your voice and set it as your ringtone.

    Let me say it in a detailed way:

    1. First, let us talk about the record function. When you want to choose one ringtone, you need to open the call button or alarm or notification button. Then you will find the record button and you just touch it. A new page appears and you can start to record your voice.

    2. Touching the start button begins to record and touching the stop button stops the record. Then you will be asked to make a name of the record and if you want to set it as your ringtone.

    3. If you want to edit a popular song and make it as your ringtone, you can use the edit function of this app. In the more button, you will find its button and touch it, a page which is used to edit songs appears. In this page you can choose the starting time and stopping time. After you finished your editing, don’t forget to save it and you can set it as your ringtone.

    4. There are also other functions that you can use to set your ringtone or mobile phone more suits you. The volume function can let you set different kinds of ringtones just on one page. On that page you can get the detailed information of various ringtones by clicking the volume button.

    5. You can set the mode of your ringtone in this app. There are four modes are provided for you to choose and you can choose one as you like.
    6. If you feel this app is good, please give me five stars.
    Ring Maker Pro is a powerful ringtone maker and you can use it to create your own unique ringtones. Then you can share these ringtones with your friends and family.

    Ring Maker Pro is a free app so that you need not to pay money for it. In a way, it can also be called a free ringtone editor because of its powerful editing function. You may have used many ringtone makers such as mp3 ringtone maker and ringtone maker for android or phone ringtones and so on. But I still recommend this ringtone maker to you because it almost contains all the functions that one ringtone maker should keep.

    I think Ring Maker Pro is the best ringtones in a way. As long as you use it one time, you will love it forever.

    I hope you will use it create your own unique ringtones and your friends or family also have the ringtones you created.

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