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    To change your phone ringtone all the time just if you like!
    View your phone and think it that how long have you used your current ringtone. Maybe from the time you have owned your device, it never changes. This is a time full of changing, so is with your phone ringtone. You have to confess that you are really out of time now. Do not you think so? However it is not too late to save you. The Ringtone Setter is coming as your superman to save you.
    Ringtone Setter is a free app available you to change your ringtone all the time just if you like it. It can set the songs or music both in your phone and SD card as your personal ringtone, making you and the people who hear it fresh. Say good bye to the old one and welcome the new one.
    A brief introduction:
    1. A total free app for your Android for you to set your own ringtone. Whatever you like and which you will choose, you have your own say.
    2. For this simple app, you can set your call ring, alarm ring and notification ring. There is no need for you to spend a lot of time for you to set them one by one in their special section. You can also choose the music both in your device and SD card as your ringtone.
    3. Really do know which one should be selected from the so many terms? Listening to the ringtones in the Audion list recommended by this app, try it and find a suitable one.

    Ringtone Setter keeps your phone ringtone fresh everyday. Do you like it? Why not download it here now for free? It must be the one that please to your heart.
    IF you have any question or problem, you can find the solution in "About". Of course, your email will be welcomed.
    Have fun! Thanks!
    When someone bought a ringtone, an aggregator (company that sold ringtones) either created their own tune or mixes together a pre-existing one. After the ringtone was created, it was put into a unique file format and sent to the person’s phone via SMS. If the company used a pre-existing song, they must pay royalties to the person who owned the song. The owner of the song didn’t get all of the money; a significant portion was given to the cell phone provider.
    In 2005 "SmashTheTones", become the first third-party solution to allow ring tone creation online without requiring downloadable software or a digital audio editor.And later Apple’s iPhone allows users to create a ringtone from any song purchased for the phone’s iTunes library but with some difficulties, containing a 40-second limit, and the fact the file had to be an AAC formats and whose name ended with the extension. Other similar ring tone created solutions including Myxer, Phonezoo, Bongotones and Zedge.

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