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    The most free and all-round ringtones zone for Android!
    Totally free!

    Have you ever tired of searching a good ringtone on the Internet?
    Want to set sounds setting in only one place?
    Ever eager to set your love song as your ringtone?
    Tired of missing calls or messages because of low volume of the prelude?
    Or do you want to have a unique ringtone of your voice and your singing?
    Fed up with to glimpse the caller and then take the call?

    Try this free Ringtone Zone!
    Welcome to ringtone world!
    You can set a recommended ring, your favorite piece of a song and your recorded voice as your ringtones for call, alarm and warning.
    Volume and mode setting are also available to you.
    You can also set ringtones by contacts

    - Simple to use
    - Beautiful user interface
    - Powerful audio recorder, player and audio editor
    - Practical in daily life
    - Totally free

    1. There are many recommended rings for you to choose.
    You can have a audition and connect to a contact or save in your ring list.
    2. Press the PLUS, and then you can get a sling of settings.
    3. You have call, alarm and warning ringtones from SYSTEM, SD or your RECORD.
    4. You are free to have a arrangement at your mobile mode from RING & VIBRATE, RING ONLY, VIBRATE ONLY and SILENT.
    5. What's more, volume of alarm, multimedia, call and warning can be available to you.
    6. You can use Editor to cut your favorite piece from a MP3 song.

    Download Ringtone Zone for free now!!
    If you love it, you can share with your friends.
    Any problem if it exists, tell me, please.

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