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    An excellent collection of 30 robotic ringtones, settable as either ringtone, notification or individual contact ringtone.

    Most are robot voices as well as a handful of robotic sounds. Some have background sound effects/music.

    Very good audio quality. All sounds have been optimised for quality and loudness on a mobile phone.

    Press to play and long press to set as ringtone or notification.


    * Set as phone ringtone

    * Set as phone notification

    * Set as individual contact ringtone - Once a theme has been set as either a ringtone or notification it will be available in the phone ringtone list so that it may be set as an individual contact ringtone by navigating to the contact and selecting it as the ringtone.


    "Answer Or Voicemail"

    "Caller Unknown"

    "Excuse Me - Incoming Transmission"

    "Galaxy Call"

    "Incoming Call"

    "Incoming Message"

    "Incoming Message - Please Pick Up"

    "Incoming Text Message"

    "Incoming Transmission"

    "Intergalactic Call" (Musical)

    "Message Coming"

    "Message For You Sir"

    "Message Scanning"

    "Pick Up The Phone"

    "Robot Alarm"

    "Robot Bleeps"

    "Robot Music" (Musical)

    "Robot SMS"

    "Robot SMS & Musio"

    "Robot Servo Large"

    "Robot Servo Small"

    "Robot Text Message"

    "Save Or Delete Text Message"

    "Smartphone Text Message"

    "Someone Is Calling You"

    "There Is A Call For You"


    "Trasnformer - New Text Message"

    "You Are Recieving A Phone Call"

    "Your Telephone Is Ringing"

    Any suggestions welcome.

    Any problems please email for a fix.

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