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    Runner in the UFO - Music visualizer & Live WP

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    You will experience a thrilling 3D ride through tunnels filled with shining plasma clouds on your way to meet with extraterrestrials.

    Both a music visualizer and a Live wallpaper is included. The app looks totally different in the music visualizer, where the tunnels change colors with the music.

    ******* Music choice *******

    48 radio channels from Moon Mission Recordings & Digital Impulse are included. Connect with aliens while listening to your favorite music. Listen to UFO techno from Moon Mission, ambient, dub and much more.

    ******* Chromecast TV support *******

    Watch this music visualizer on your TV with Chromecast! This is perfect for parties or chillout sessions. This app is Google Cast-enabled.

    ***** Why does a UFO look bigger inside? *****

    Aliens beings have the ability to "fold" space. Often, the inside of the saucer is much larger than it appears to be from the outside. People who have worked on recovered craft often recall doing a double-take when they first stick their heads inside of a flying saucer. They can't believe it can be that big inside and they pull their head out to look at the outside of the craft. They are in total disbelief. What appears to be a thirty-foot craft on the outside is three times that size on the inside. The technology for folding space like this is still unknown to us.

    ******* Astronomy & UFO's *******

    A discovery of extraterrestrial life will soon be made on a planet in a distant part of the universe. You can already experience how the aliens look like in this trippy scifi FX app. A clear sighting of a flying saucer in the sky will some day change astronomy as we know it.

    ******* Upgrading to full version *******

    You can choose between 20 UFO - themes for the tunnels, like 'Spaceship walls', 'Flying saucer' and 'Memory metal from Roswell'.

    You can control your ride through the tunnels with the interactive gyroscope.

    It is possible to visualize your favorite music from any player.

    You can build your own tunnels by choosing the shape and the textures for the tunnel. 10 different music visualizations are included. You can choose the speed of your journey, the appearance of the aliens and much more. Battery saving functionality is also available in the full version.

    ***** Radio channels*****

    The channels below from Moon Mission Recordings & Digital Impulse are included in the app. Visit their websites here:

    Moon Mission UFO Techno
    Astra Trance
    Disco Hits '80s
    EuroDance '90s
    9Axis Trance
    Alyf Recordings Trance
    Ambient & Lounge
    Arrakeen Trance
    Paradise Trance
    Atlas Corporation Trance
    Aviv Media Trance
    Blues Channel
    House Channel
    Christmas Channel
    Classical Channel
    ATG Trance
    Country Channel
    DKR TecHouse
    Emacore Trance
    Ambient Fantasy
    Gate of Paradise Trance
    Jazz Channel
    Kuno Trance
    Matt Paul Trance
    Heavy Metal Channel
    Movie Themes Channel
    Sounds of Nature Channel
    Oldies but Goldies Channel
    Ori Uplift Trance
    Trance Channel 2
    Funk & Electro Swing Channel
    Psychedelic Trance
    Pulsar Recordings Trance
    Reggae Channel
    Techno Channel
    Rock Hits
    Ahmed Romel Trance
    French Skies Trance
    Sundance Recordings
    Rik Tights Trance
    Liftburg Trance
    Global Trance Channel
    Resident DJ Channel
    Nick Turner Trance
    Victor Special Trance
    New Wave '80s
    PowerMixNetwork House
    PowerMixNetwork Techno & UNDGND

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