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    feel and watch the santa sleigh in winter christmas eve on your android screen. santa winter christmas eve is a scenery live wallpaper featuring a flying santa sleigh moving across the moonlight in a winter christmas eve. a simple yet funny livewallpaper perfect for your christmas eve celebration. Get this santa wallpapers app and santa claus wallpaper now are santa's reindeer male or female, male reindeer generally shed their antlers long before december 25, whereas the females retain theirs until at least january. the reindeer pulling santa's sleigh are always show as having antlers, so santa's reindeer must all be females.

    a hard look at the evidence suggests that at least some of santa's reindeer were females (the ones giving the directions, no doubt), some may have been young bulls, and some may have been neutered males. santa also has special bulls (males) which are used for breeding purposes. these reindeer are not used for flying the sleigh, only for breeding. christmas gift ideas. do santa's reindeer live at the north pole, only part of the year does santa claus live at the north pole. in 1925 it was discovered that there are no reindeer in the north pole. but there are lots in lapland, finland. so today we know that the reindeer live around the secret village of santa claus and the elves (their summer home full of winter ornament) somewhere on the korvatunturi mountain in the savukoski county of lapland, finland, which is on the finnish-russian border. This is xmas lwp.

    what makes santa's reindeer fly, long ago, santa claus live and the elves discovered the special formula of magical reindeer dust which make them fly. this dust is sprinkled on each of the reindeer shortly before they leave on snow christmas eve. it gives them enough magic to fly right around the world. they can fly very fast: at about the speed of a christmas light. the reindeer driven by santa claus are the only known flying reindeer in existence. retina wallpapers. besides the magic dust, santa's reindeer are fed a special diet throughout the year which helps give them the power of flight. this magic corn is given to santa claus by a great and wonderful unknown wizard. through this magic corn, the strength of the reindeer is increased threefold, their stamina increased to infinity and their hooves can manipulate the air as though it were solid ground. Happy holiday folks.

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