Scan Fingerprint Unlock




    This is a fake scanning application.
    If you want to unlock the phone screen,you have to place your finger to scan.
    As long as you scan your fingerprint for more than three seconds,the phone screen will be unlocked.

    This screen lock is very interesting and simple.
    The process of scanning is actually not real.Anyone who scan his fingerprint for over 3 seconds could unlock the phone screen.

    Main Features:

    1.This fingerprint scanner is FAKE.

    2.This screen lock is optimized for Android phones and tablets.

    3.The current time and date could be checked on the locking interface.

    4.Place your finger on the scanning sector.

    5.Pay attention to the scanning time.It has to be over 3 seconds.

    6.With sound and vibration effect reminding you when the screen is unlocked.

    7.It allows you to select the full screen or expand status bar for the locking screen.

    8.In addition,this screen lock provides a shortcut key to unlock the screen.The SEARCH button works as the shortcut key.

    There are two ways to unlock the phone screen:

    ---Place your finger on the scanning sector.When you estimate the scanning time is more than three second,remove your finger and the phone screen will be unlocked.

    ---The other way to unlock the screen is the SEARCH button.Long press the search button and your phone screen could be unlocked easily.

    What do you think of this screen lock ?
    Download it for your phone.
    Maybe your phone screen will love this app very much.

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    The pricing for unlocking a device would vary depending on the network it is locked to and the model itself, as each unlock code is unique to the handset. On average it typically costs less than 10 USD depending on model and make. Some service providers offer unlocking services for their subscribers worldwide.

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