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    Scary sounds for ringtones and entertainment.
    Scariest sounds for your entertainment. Listen to them or use for ringtones. This app is perfect for people who like the rush of adrenaline when they feel fear, and still want to go forward. We did our best and collected 64 high quality scary sounds and separated them all by types. Everybody in the world have some fear, and something scares them. Animals can be very spooky so we made entire section dedicated to scary animals like wolves, crows... Most of the kids are scared by the monsters, and witches that could be seen mostly in horror movies, so we made section for scary human and creatures sounds. Maybe the scariest things on the world are some realistic spooky sounds that remind us on some frightening things that we remember, like sound of an old door, church bell and many many more that can be found in our spooky section. We also collected various weapons and machines that are really scary like guillotine or dentist drill.
    To listen the scary sounds, simply click on the image of a sound. Options for using scary sound as ringtone, notification or for alarm sound are on the arrow on the right side. On the top of the screen you can find menu and choose type of the scary sound that you would like to check out. Volume control is on the bottom of the screen, so you can control sound directly from the app. If you would like to share this app with a friends, you can to that very easily with the middle button "share" on the top of the screen, and you will be offered to share app with everything that your android device is able to use for sharing.
    list of functions:
    - listen sounds
    - choose a type of the sound from categories
    - use all sounds as a ringtone, alarm tone or SMS/notification tone
    - share app via everything that your android device support
    - control sound volume directly from app
    - cool design and fast app
    So no matter if are looking for something that will scare people, or you just want to find out what will scare you, this app is perfect choice for you. Don't hesitate, download now and enjoy in fantastic collection of scary sounds!
    Application is tested on major Samsung, HTC and Sony Xperia android devices and it is working smoothly and stable.
    User satisfaction is important to us. If you have any difficulties with the app, please contact us via e-mail

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