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    A 3D live wallpaper that is set in a scifi futuristic society with aurora of lights animation. (No Ads)
    You will be scoping around this scifi city with filled animated spaceships.
    All of the buildings are modeled as 3D objects in this live wallpaper.
    You can move around this space city colony by swiping the screen and daydream about being in another planet in an exotic solar system.
    Inspired by futuristic space galaxy colonies in such movies as Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Blade Runner.
    Created by one of the original artists who worked on the block buster PC & Xbox 360 game Mass Effect.
    Or you can turn on the free pan, as the camera will move around in this alien city of the future.
    You can change the colors on the fly which makes the city like it is from different galaxies.
    It supports landscape and portrait mode. The City’s animated futuristic towers and hovering sci-fi cars make this wallpaper even more alive.
    Visit alien life from another galaxy. If you’re a big fan of Sci-Fi films and Games (such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Mess Effect ), this is the live wallpaper for you.
    Easy controls let you feel like a veteran with app after few minutes.
    9 Beautiful color themes that changes the color of the city landscape.
    Cool blue, red adventure, toxic green, yellow hope, dark peace, sexy purple, pure green, pink lady, ocean blue.
    Option to change the speed of city lights animation.
    Control the amount of traffic.
    Simulate swipe to explore the city.
    Enable automatic camera movement.
    Double tab on screen to get to the settings.
    Enable and disable building animation.
    More themes, colors, city types, buildings types will be added in upcoming versions.

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