SCOUT 3 beta




    This is a beta version of SCOUT from C Spire. SCOUT 3 beta provides personalized content recommendations including apps, music and books. For optimal recommendations, you'll need to login to the app. If you have a C Spire username and password, you may use that, or you may create a new username and password. You can also use the app as a non-registered user for general recommendations.

    As you browse through your recommendations, press the thumbs up or thumbs down to let us know what you like and what you dislike. Your recommendations will become more accurate as you interact with the app. You can also press 'show similar' to see a list of music and books that are similar to a particular title. To download something, press the details button and you'll be directed to the proper channel for purchase (amazon or Google).

    Browse through the 'packs' to see different themes. You'll also want to view the 'Experts' section.

    If you have questions during your beta trial, post a question in the C Spire Circle. We'll respond quickly to your questions during this 3 day trial. You'll receive instructions on how to post questions.

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