Screen Lock Down Style




    You could use this application to lock and unlock your phone screen easily.
    It is one of the sliding series screen lock.
    The direction of sliding is indicated inside the name:down.

    User Instructions:

    The first thing you need to do is to download and install this application into your smart phone.
    Then,you have to get into the locker settings.
    Here,it is a must to enable the lock if you want to lock and unlock your phone screen with this locker.
    However,the sound and vibration effect is up to you.

    You could turn them on and off according to your condition.

    Next,the screen locker will work.
    You need to unlock your phone screen with the new screen locker.

    Please notice that there is a locker icon at the lower part of the unlocking screen.
    Below the locker,the remaining power will be displayed here in proportion.
    When you click the locker icon slightly,the remaining battery will be turned into Unlock.

    Slide down the locker icon and the phone could be unlocked successfully.

    Are you ready for this simple screen locker???

    One of the two United States GSM carriers, T-Mobile,will unlock handsets for those with active account in good standing for at least 40 days and no unlock code request in the last 90 days. The other, AT&T Mobility, is required to do so upon request (with some exceptions and requirements after ninety days of active service) under the terms of a class action settlement negotiated by Scott A Bursor's class action law firm.Prior to the settlement, AT&T would often do so once one has concluded his or her contract, and in some other situations. AT&T had in the past stated that it would not unlock iPhones under any circumstances, regardless of the legality of doing so, even after customers are out of contract.

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