Screen Lock to Music




    Unlock your screen to listen to music! This can be a screen locker with such 4 shortcuts as music, camera and calling/SMS. We should drag down relative shortcut to quick access.

    Look no future, you have just found the best screen locker for you Android device. When it comes to easy to use and creativity, this screen locker is definitely invincible in Android market.


    1. What date is it today? What day it is? And what time it is£¿

    This Screen Lock to Music can supply us with such daily information on a beautiful background without troublesome of unlocking the screen.

    2. How can I get a better user experience when I unlock the screen?

    You can enable vibration and sound in settings in advance. When you unlock the screen, you can get such reminders here.

    3. Do you often unlock the screen only to make a call/send a message, take a picture or just listen to music?

    This Screen Lock to Music can offer us 4 shortcuts for us to quick access. For example, when you drag the music icon down, you can unlock the screen and quick access to music interface.


    Simple to use and easy to control

    With a simple UI

    Works with Android mobiles and tablets

    Totally free

    Protect from any accidental touches in smart phone

    This screen locker Screen Lock to Music can bring us a lot of fun! Download it now!


    If you feel good at this screen locker, please give us 5 stars to support us.

    If you think there is some progress to make, email us, please. Thank you!

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