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    How to unlock the screen of your phone?

    You may use a password, a pattern or a sliding-to-unlock action to turn the screen on.

    All above is just something old and traditional. Lots of people around us may use such method to unlock the screen of their phone.

    So it is the time to try something new and different, like Screen Locker Seal.


    --This screen lock uses a seal to lock the screen of your phone.

    --If you want to turn the screen on, you just need to rip the seal simply and directly.

    This is a creative design. We hope that you will like it for its creativity and differences.

    --Besides, you also can know time, date and day of the week directly on the locked screen of this screen lock.

    That is all about this screen locker.


    Though this screen locker cannot offers you lots of shortcuts and convenience, it offers you what you really need for your phone.

    Though this screen locker is not the most safe screen lock app, it is one of the simplest ones. So you can just turn the screen off while you do not use your phone, then rip the seal to turn it on in a second, which will never, ever your work on your phone.

    Thanks for your supports!

    About seal in this app:

    Seal in this app refers to adhesive seal, which can bin two different materials together.

    As we all know, an adhesive is any substance that, when applied to the surfaces of materials, binds the surfaces together and resists separation.

    So it usually has the ability to bind different materials together, the ability to distribute stress more efficiently across the joint, the cost effectiveness of an easily mechanized process, an improvement in aesthetic design, and an increased design flexibility.

    In this screen locker, the seal cannot lock the screen of your phone actually. It is just one of design features.

    Hope you will like it!

    Welcome to free download this screen lock now!