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    Setting Ringtone help you setting and make your mobile ringtone by yourself! It is the latest application with new buttons and outside and we change the system origin ringtone to special ring which you must like them very much!
    You must bored about the traditional ringtone after a long time! You can set the ring you love most with this free ringtone app. If you do not what to download music from popular websites like YouTube, twitter or music torrent sites and so on, you can use the tone we offered in this app system (there are about+20 different tones including the jeep, Ferrari sound, arrow and battle sound, rocket and so on), they are all special and you can not find them easily on internet! Of course, you can also set the music file you download from internet as your ringtones. I know you download them in your SD card and you can enjoy song with your music player on your android mobile phone. Now you can set them as your tones if you like.
    In fact, this is not only a ringtone setting app, but also a ringtone maker!!! There are many tones on this app, but if you can not find one suit you most, or you have set them for a long time, you can use this free app to make your own ringtones! First way is recording! There is a recorder on this app, you can use it to record any sound you think good in daily life no matter the sound of machine or the voice of human or animals! The second way is editing songs/sounds! As we all know not every song suit ti set as ringtone. Because the song always very long and we do not need a long tone. We can edit it and take part form the whole song and then set it as our ringtone! All record and edit music file can be saved in your SD card and you can find them easily!
    There are a add button on the lower left corner. Press the button you can see seven buttons!
    1.Call button. You can choose ring from system or SD card or record your own voice.
    The system has 21 choices includes the sounds of transport, star-war, knock and so on.
    Compared with the set with other button(warn and alarm button), you can add contact while setting call ringtone. When the contact phone you, you can hear the tone you set only for him/her.
    2.Alarm button.
    3.Warning button.
    2&3 methods are same to 1. You can set alarm and warning ringtone with same way!
    4.Editor button help you edit the music song in your SD card and set the edit file as ringtone!
    5.Mode button help you set the mobile mode. When new call arrived, you can hear the ring or virbat...
    6.Supply button can help you tell your suggestions to us. If you think it is good, please do not forget offer us 5 star to encourage us and we will work hard to make better free applications for you!
    7.Volume button help you set the volume of every ring and also the multimedia volume. You can also see the volume number in detail. If you think there are too many setting, you can set warning volume as call ring.

    Other features:
    1.Have a audition before setting a ringtone.
    2.Add contact to music ring.
    3.Save the ring in system in your SD card if you set them as ringtone, it can be saved in your SD card auto.

    Download this ringtone setting and maker app on your android mobile phone. It will not coast you any money and help you much ion your daily life! Wgat are you waiting, if you miss it, you may feel regret latter!

    The earliest ringtone maker was Harmonium, which developed by Vesa-Matti Paananen, a Finnish computer programmer, and released in the year of 1997 for use with Nokia smart messaging.

    Some providers allow users to create their own music tones(our app allow this method) , either with a "melody composer" or a sample/loop arranger (such as the Music-DJ in many Sony Ericsson phones). They often use encoding formats only available to one particular phone model or brand. and other formats, such as MIDI or MP3, were often supported; they must be downloaded to the phone before they can be used as the normal ring tone.

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