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    The main idea of “Farewell My Sanity” is to give the world fame to very limited amount of people. That’s all.
    Sounds very serious, right?
    As for me, I don’t like seriousness.
    Let me explain: I am a stock trader. One of those smart guys who makes thousands of dollars by trading stocks of the biggest companies in the world. I guess it is serious enough, and I understand what I’m talking about. Serious things and people are very boring. That’s why I created The Cat. You must be wondering about the way these things are related? :)) Everything is very easy and extremely crazy: the only way to get to “Farewell My Sanity” is to overcome yourself and buy The Cat. As for me, I’ve done everything to break any seriousness: website name, appearance, color…
    All these are made to reach the one goal: to get here only the most vivid and extraordinary persons.

    There are millions users registered in social networks. Every of them is a very small and invisible part of a huge amount. And if you wanna show yourself, your hobby or your business off to the world, you DO NEED The Cat! :)))

    - Andrey Zakharyan

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