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    Shift Ringtones
    Do you have a smart ringer which can auto change your phone in-coming call setting? When an incoming call or text message arrive, you will not feel embarrassed again about the disturbance or out-of-earshotting. Say goodbye to those embarrassing situations, let Shift Ringtones take care of it!

    Different call ringtones in different occasions are available to you for free now. Adjust Ringer Mode and all volumes based on time. Saving phone sound-switching many times one day, this app can help you out of these repetition by such places-switching as your house, your company, a meeting, a noisy street and so on. Sometimes the daily trifles make you absent-minded, this app Intelligent Ringtone is available to you for free.

    In this app, you can set the mode of the ring, such as ring&vibrate, ring only, vibrate only and silent. Surprise is that it can switch to another mode on time. "Ring&vibrate" is for the noisy market and street, but "ring only" is widely used in a room for cell ringtones. "Vibrate" is used in a relatively quiet area. While, "silent" may be used in the process of having a meeting.

    As was the case with those who take the call, musical ringtones are also designed with an eye toward such public space situations, so as to provide a kind of treat to co-present, potentially disturbed, bystanders. People have specified even further what type of person they are not just by choosing a phone, but by alerting everyone around of what kind of music they like to hear. In some way, people are sending a message out to become distinct and stand out from the crowd. But there is also debate that ringtones are selected to become less noticeable and fit right in with the crowd. Some users thus deliberately choose their ringtone from a set of shared cultural resources which they know would be recognized by many people. Such a choice of musical ringtones is oriented toward the way they will be received by copresent parties.

    Examples of background noises are environmental noises such as waves, traffic noise, alarms, people talking, bioacoustic noise from animals or birds and mechanical noise from devices.

    In telephony, artificial comfort noise was used as a substitute for natural background noise, to fill in artificial silence created by discontinuous transmission systems using voice activity detection. Background noise can be also affected concentration.

    A ring tone is the sound made by a telephone to indicate an incoming call or text message. Not literally a tone nor an actual ring anymore, the term is most often used today to refer to customizable sounds used on mobile phones.

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